Euro 2012 Goalkeeper Kits

Posted by John Devlin

Predicting exactly what goalkeeper kits will be worn in Euro 2012 is a bit of a black art. As is often the case with goalkeeper outfits (as discussed on True Colours) it seems there are little hard and fast rules as to what will be worn. Rather than posting too much incorrect info I will be posting them as and when they are worn.

















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  1. True Colours Football Kits » Euro 2012 Goalkeeper Kits Says:

    […] They can be all viewed here. […]

  2. EricGeneric Says:

    Great stuff, John!

    I have an unhealthy obsession with goalkeeper kits.

    The over-looked ugly sister of football kit geekery!

  3. EricGeneric Says:

    Just one thing, John…

    Isn’t the Czech Republic goalkeeper kit more fluorescent yellow/lime green, than a standard yellow?

  4. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks Eric! I’m really into goalkeeper kits at the moment. The Czech kit is indeed a lime green and I’ve done my best to reproduce the colour – its a really tricky one to get right – I prepare all my illustrations for print as well as web and that may be causing the issue. I’ll take another look.

    Finished the Denmark and Holland kits (while watching the Germany/Portugal game) and will get these all uploaded later today.

  5. EricGeneric Says:

    Actually, John, when I said that about the colour not looking right on the Czech Republic goalkeeper kit, I was looking at it on my old desktop PC.

    Now looking at it on my laptop (which is newer and has a better screen) it looks fine.

  6. Les Says:

    Italy and Russia the best keeper kits so far.

  7. Andrew Says:

    How come in the mid-1980s goalkeepers needed padding on their shoulders and all down their arms but now they don’t even need sleeves?!

  8. EricGeneric Says:

    And they say the pitches are a lot harder now, also Andrew.

    Actually, it wasn’t even that long ago. I remember keepers kit having those pads in the late-1990s.

    I guess keepers are just tougher now… :P

  9. John Devlin Says:

    Watching the England vs France game, yet again, both sides wearing home outfield kits and away goalkeeper kits!

  10. Samuel Smith Says:

    Where is the Croatia and Ireland goalkeeper kits?

  11. Samuel Smith Says:

    How do you make the kits?

  12. Andrew Rockall Says:

    What colour is France’s’ home GK strip John?

  13. Alexander Perkin Says:

    Its Black Andrew. Referee obviousley deemed a coulour clash with the Navy blue (what is the point of having it as 1st choice i hear you ask!)
    England used there away (or 3rd) GK hsirt due to France wearing a Red GK Shirt.

  14. Samuel Smith Says:

    John. When will the Republic Of Ireland, Croatia, France and England goalkeeper kit be up because i am addicted to goalkeeper kits at the moment.

  15. Andrew Rockall Says:

    Maybe that’s why the French kitman chose Red, to force us to change. Like Wimbledon did in the FA Cup in the 90’s. Remember the game v Man Utd at Selhurst Park? Red v Newton Heath yellow/green.

  16. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Samuel, I know the feeling! I think I’m addicted (and infuriated!) by them too. The remainder should be up tomorrow, then of course we’ll see what the next set of games bring.

    Andrew – that was my thought too. Psychology at work there perhaps?

  17. John Devlin Says:

    Just seen the earlier post, Alexander, you’re quite right, it is black. Daft state of affairs if the ref did think it clashed with the home strip.

  18. EricGeneric Says:

    @Andrew Rockall

    Didn’t Wimbledon always used to wear an away kit at home in the FA Cup?

    I went to Wimbledon v Middlesbrough in the FA Cup at Selhurst Park in the 2000-01 season, and Wimbledon wore a white and green away kit.

  19. Denis Hurley Says:

    Because the refs still wore black in that Eric

  20. EricGeneric Says:

    Oh, was that why?

    Do you know when they changed that rule, Denis?

  21. Denis Hurley Says:

    Not sure TBH

  22. Andrew Rockall Says:

    It changed when the authorities allowed officials to wear colours other than Black, had Wimbledon been in Royal Blue it wouldn’t have been an issue.

  23. Samuel Smith Says:

    John. How do you make the kits?

  24. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Samuel, I draw them up in Adobe Illustrator and then tweak them a bit in Photoshop…

  25. John Pool Says:

    The England one the worst out of the whole lot of them. I’m liking the classic traditional goalkeeper green of Denmark and Sweden. Very smart.

  26. EricGeneric Says:

    Lovely stuff, John – great to see more kits going up…

    I’m sure we have gone on about it before, but who on earth thought the away England goalkeeper kit was a good idea!?!!?

    It’s too gaudy for 1992!

  27. Denis Hurley Says:

    This is incredibly anal of me, but on that terrible England GK kit, the feet of the socks are turquoise.

  28. Daniel J Says:

    The England keepers kit was clearly designed to cause feelings of nausea and disorientation amongst opposition strikers and thus confound their attempts to score.

  29. Jay29ers Says:

    I like the England Away GK shirt, natch. And I was aware of the foot on the socks. Can’t explain it other to say it’s trying to justify charging £8-12 for them instead of the £1.50 you can get plain socks for.

    S’pose it is always the area that gets hard to shift stains, so may be to disguise that. Remember lots of pairs of l’OM socks being pristine apart from the foot.

  30. Rich Johnson Says:

    Love the Russia goalie kit…and also both England’s ones, especially the home. The Italy one is also rather nice…very retro!

  31. Denis Hurley Says:

    The other Italian one is even more retro Rich, classic silver (at least I think anyway!).

    Don’t like the Ukraine one, white GK kits just look wrong to me.

  32. EricGeneric Says:

    I kind of agree with you there, Denis.

    Although, with me it’s all white goalkeeper kits, that just look wrong. I don’t mind them if they have black shorts and socks, for some reason.

  33. Robbie Says:

    Excellent stuff John!

    Look forward to maybe some retro Keepers jerseys in the future – Hopefully the Keepers tops make you want to travel back in time to the old Adidas, Admiral, Umbro jerseys.

    (heres hoping John!)

  34. EricGeneric Says:

    I only saw brief highlights from the match, but it seems that the Greece goalkeeper was wearing the same kit as the away one, which you have illustrated John (and has also been used by Germany and Russia) – but with lime green Adidas stripes.


  35. Matt Says:

    Bit O/T but the England 3rd GK shirt was worn by the Ladies team against Holland yesterday (Looked good actually)

  36. Jay29ers Says:

    Not O/T at all. Saw that, forgot to comment on it. Yep, looked good. Purple and lime green. Who’d’ve thunk it.

  37. Davidr1986 Says:

    thankfully none of the teams so far have done my number 1 pet hate with GK kits is when they have dark shirts and socks but white shorts, it just looks wrong. i remember Newcastle having a Dark Green GK top but with white shorts in 2006 – just horrible. as for all white GK kits, something i dont mind. as for the Euros just not a fan at all of the Nike Park design, in my eyes much poorer then previous 4/5 Nike GK designs

  38. EricGeneric Says:

    Yeah, I don’t like the Nike goalkeeper design either, David.

    I guess somebody was looking at a torch shining on a wall, whilst smoking something in the Nike offices…. :P

    Am I right in thinking that the same design will be used by the majority of Nike club teams in the forthcoming season?

  39. Nick Says:

    I love the England home and aways. That away in particular is fantastic. Boy have Umbro churned out some great goalie kits for England since 09.

  40. EricGeneric Says:

    You like the away goalkeeper kit, Nick?!?!?!?!

    I think the recent England goalkeeper kits have been a bit of a mixed bag.

    I really liked the yellow one worn at the 2010 World cup, and the light blue one, which was only used in the Slovenia match.

    The current away is awful, and the current red, and blue kits would be fine, if it wasn’t for the terribly 90s flag shadow pattern.

    I thought the dark green, and black with purple piping kits were okay.

  41. Amir Says:

    @Matt @Jay29ers Here’s the team line up from the Holland match with 3rd GK kit:

  42. Denis Hurley Says:

    That yellow one in 2010 would have been fine if it had been paired with any other colour than white

  43. Davidr1986 Says:

    There was something quite nice about the yellow and white one in 2010, im totally undecided about the flag pattern one sometimes i see it and think its hideous then other times i think theres something quite cool about it,

    im quite happy with my own countries one, the Scotland home one in a nice classic grey and navy with the proper badge back on it too

    my favourite in the tournament would be one of;
    grey and blue italy
    blue Russian one with sash
    Spain grey one

    another side not on the Spain kits is im liking the flag on the socks of all the kits, even though i dont think it exactly goes with away kit i do like themes that transpire over different kits

  44. EricGeneric Says:

    I have a soft spot for yellow and white, for some reason, Denis.

    I always like it when Brazil have to change to yellow-white-white at World Cups.

    Even though everybody else hates it! :P

  45. Jay29ers Says:

    Not so, Eric. I loved that yellow gk shirt and I’m sure I’ve told Denis before that I love it when Brazil wear the white shorts.

  46. Denis Hurley Says:

    You guys are weee-eerd

  47. orwell2000 Says:

    Could you create the third czech gk kit (violet) from first quarterfinal against Portugal?

  48. John Devlin Says:

    Should be there already Orwell

  49. Bosse Says:

    Thank you very much John for a great job with the GK dresses! Will you do the yellow France dress that there GK had st the QF against Spain?

  50. Bosse Says:

    Now the third french dress is up! Thank´s again John.

  51. disco dave 26 Says:

    does anybody know whats the set order (for euro,s /world cup games) if there is indeed one of which order the 5 kits?colours of any match are picked e.g 1st team 1 outfield.. 2nd team 2 outfield..3rd refs tops/kits… 4th team 1gk …5th team 2gk………..would love to hear the theorys or truth because after team 1 then team 2 outfield pick kits the ref and both gk,s seem to be picked in a random way/order to me??? sorry to ask but hey theres no footie on tonight!!! l.o.l!

  52. Jay29ers Says:

    Good question, Dave. You’d hope it’d would alternate on the way down too. So if it’s outfield, gk #1, officials, gk #2, then if Team B is made to change oufield then the referee should be forced to comply with their gk and then Team A’s gk should be the one with the most difficult job at the bottom.

    Might explain why arguably more gk kits (including change items) exist than outfield kits.

  53. Matthew Says:

    Where can i buy the green ukraine goalkeeper kit?

  54. Lariuz Dabanek Says:

    The way I see it is that from 04 to 2012 Euro Tournaments Sweden’s Gk kit is always Gray and Black…

  55. Jake Rodgers Says:

    They should remake a few of these

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