Best Premier League kit of 2010-11

Posted by John Devlin

As the season’s drawing to a close and we’ve had a whole 8 months of seeing the Premier League kits in action I thought now would be a good time to recap and see what we all thought were the best top flight kits of 2010-11.

I thought I’d take a leaf out of the ‘alternative vote’ book and ask you for your three favourite PL kits of the season. Your first choice gets 3 points, second 2 and third 1. If you want a recap of the kits please click here and then lets have your votes!

To get the ball rolling I’ll go for:

First: Blackpool Third
Second: West Ham Home
Third: Sunderland Away

30 Responses to “Best Premier League kit of 2010-11”

  1. Peldroed Says:

    First:Man CIty third
    Second: Everton third
    Third: Arsenal home

    It hasn’t been a great year for kits in the Premier league in my opinion.

  2. Andrew Rockall Says:

    First: Man City Third
    Second: Blackburn Away
    Third: Fulham Home

  3. Andrew Roach Says:

    First: West Brom home
    Second: Blackburn third
    Third: Man Utd home

  4. ned Says:

    I don’t think it’s been a vintage season for kits in the Premier League but my top three are as follows:

    First: Spurs Home (European version with white shorts)
    Second: Arsenal Home
    Third: Liverpool Third

  5. Willie Says:

    Not surprisingly I’ve gone for three retro styled kits.

    First: Arsenal Home
    Second: Manchester City Third
    Third: Everton Third

  6. Philip Marriott Says:

    Its a very hard choice with home kits. Not so many nice away ones. How about: 1. Sunderland Home
    2. West Ham away
    3. Man Utd home.

  7. Ken Says:

    Umbro definately have the best kits around. Top 3 for season:

    1. Manchester City
    2. Manchester City 3rd
    3. Arsenal

  8. Dave Says:

    1. Man Utd (H)
    2. Everton (3rd)
    3. Wigan (H)

  9. Gavin Says:

    1. Man City (3rd)
    2. West Ham (away)
    3. Everton (away)

  10. Daniel Says:

    1) Man City home
    2) Everton 3rd
    3) Arsenal home

  11. Rich Johnson Says:

    Not a great year I have to say and 2 of my choices are actually from last year…

    1) Spurs Home
    2) Man Utd 3rd
    3) Man City 3rd

  12. Les Says:

    1) Manchester City (3rd)
    2) Manchester City (home)
    3) Arsenal (away)

    West Ham away would have gotten in if the Macron logos were not so intrusive.

    I love that the sponsor is discreet on the Manchester City 3rd shirt, I’d like to think it’s a precedent that may be followed but it won’t. Company logos should not be more prominent than club branding.

  13. Valleyblues Says:

    1) Birmingham Home
    2) Man City 3rd
    3) West Ham Away

  14. Alexander Perkin Says:

    1) Arsenal Home
    2) Manchester City Home
    3) Blackpool 3rd

  15. john b Says:

    Another season when Umbro rules supreme
    1- Sunderland home
    2-WBA home
    3-Man.City home

    Arsenals home would have been in there if it had red socks.

  16. Dan w Says:

    1.) west ham home
    2.) manchester city third
    3.) stoke city away

  17. Adam Says:

    As others have said, it’s not really been a great season for kits in the Premier League.

    Anyway, my picks…

    1. Everton – home
    2. Everton – away
    3. Arsenal – home

    Maybe we could also have a vote for the worst Premier League kit of the season?

  18. Nick Durham Says:

    1. Manchester City home
    2. Arsenal away
    3. Liverpool away

  19. Iain Says:

    1. Man Citeh H
    2. Everton 3rd
    3. Liverpool A

  20. Bruegs Says:

    1. Villa A
    2. Man City 3rd
    3. Fulham 3rd

  21. Mark Jessop Says:

    1. Everton Away
    2. Chelsea 3rd
    3. Villa Away

  22. Tim Says:

    Not a great year for kits. I’m not counting any that were also used last season, either. In no particular order:

    West Ham home, Everton third, Man City away.

  23. Chris Mc Says:

    1. Chelsea (H)
    2. Man City (H)
    3. Blackpool (3)

  24. Alex Says:

    1. Everton (A)
    2. Man City (H)
    3. Tottenham (H)

  25. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks for the votes everyone – as many of you have said, its not been a vintage kits year has it? However, I have a feeling that 11-12 will be good…

    I’m going to leave the voting open until Saturday and then announce the winner.

  26. Athanasios Papathanasiou Says:

    1. Everton (H)
    2. Villa (A)
    3. Everton (3rd)

  27. Jack Williams Says:

    1) Birmingham Home
    2) West Ham Away
    3) Fulham Third

  28. Jevon Hall Says:

    First: West Brom home
    Second: Man City Third
    Third: Arsenal Home

  29. Will Padmore Says:

    1. Blackburn Home
    2. Everton Away
    3. Man City Away

  30. vancanham Says:

    1. Blackburn home
    2. West Ham away (from the Prem, sob)
    3. Man Utd home

    …and the retro-y Arsenal, Sunderland, West Brom, West Ham home kits too.

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