Best Premier League kit of 2010-11

As the season’s drawing to a close and we’ve had a whole 8 months of seeing the Premier League kits in action I thought now would be a good time to recap and see what we all thought were the best top flight kits of 2010-11.

I thought I’d take a leaf out of the ‘alternative vote’ book and ask you for your three favourite PL kits of the season. Your first choice gets 3 points, second 2 and third 1. If you want a recap of the kits please click here and then lets have your votes!

To get the ball rolling I’ll go for:

First: Blackpool Third
Second: West Ham Home
Third: Sunderland Away

30 Replies to “Best Premier League kit of 2010-11

  1. First:Man CIty third
    Second: Everton third
    Third: Arsenal home

    It hasn’t been a great year for kits in the Premier league in my opinion.

  2. I don’t think it’s been a vintage season for kits in the Premier League but my top three are as follows:

    First: Spurs Home (European version with white shorts)
    Second: Arsenal Home
    Third: Liverpool Third

  3. Not surprisingly I’ve gone for three retro styled kits.

    First: Arsenal Home
    Second: Manchester City Third
    Third: Everton Third

  4. Its a very hard choice with home kits. Not so many nice away ones. How about: 1. Sunderland Home
    2. West Ham away
    3. Man Utd home.

  5. Umbro definately have the best kits around. Top 3 for season:

    1. Manchester City
    2. Manchester City 3rd
    3. Arsenal

  6. 1) Manchester City (3rd)
    2) Manchester City (home)
    3) Arsenal (away)

    West Ham away would have gotten in if the Macron logos were not so intrusive.

    I love that the sponsor is discreet on the Manchester City 3rd shirt, I’d like to think it’s a precedent that may be followed but it won’t. Company logos should not be more prominent than club branding.

  7. Another season when Umbro rules supreme
    1- Sunderland home
    2-WBA home
    3-Man.City home

    Arsenals home would have been in there if it had red socks.

  8. As others have said, it’s not really been a great season for kits in the Premier League.

    Anyway, my picks…

    1. Everton – home
    2. Everton – away
    3. Arsenal – home

    Maybe we could also have a vote for the worst Premier League kit of the season?

  9. Not a great year for kits. I’m not counting any that were also used last season, either. In no particular order:

    West Ham home, Everton third, Man City away.

  10. Thanks for the votes everyone – as many of you have said, its not been a vintage kits year has it? However, I have a feeling that 11-12 will be good…

    I’m going to leave the voting open until Saturday and then announce the winner.

  11. 1. Blackburn home
    2. West Ham away (from the Prem, sob)
    3. Man Utd home

    …and the retro-y Arsenal, Sunderland, West Brom, West Ham home kits too.

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