Manchester United ‘Munich’ Kit

For anyone in doubt about the powerful symbolism and importance of football shirts the news from Old Trafford that Manchester Utd will wear a special one-off memorial shirt for the 50th anniversary of the Munich disaster against Manchester City in February’s derby may just change their minds. The shirts, which have been specially authorised by the Premier League, will feature no sponsorship or manufacturers logos or player names/numbers – just like the shirts worn by the Busby Babes all those years ago. City’s shirts will do likewise. Its a great gesture by Nike, AIG, Le Coq Sportif and Thomas Cook to agree to the one-off change. Let’s hope the day goes well.

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  1. Seeing Manchester United’s traditional shirts against Manchester City was wonderful to see. Also, seeing the traditional 1-11 on the players’ backs reminds me of how the game was back in the day. Strangely, United didn’t seem to play with the same cohesion as they have been all this season, so I wonder if wearing this shirt had anything to do with their playing so below par. In all probability, the occasion as a whole probably got to them in the end.

  2. I agree, the Man U shirt was very well made and sympathetic to the styling of the late 1950s. What I couldn’t figure out was why Man City decided to change their strip as well. What they wore on the day was something which looked like a cheap 1970’s market-stall knock-off.

    If they were going to wear a specially commissioned strip themselves, surely they should have had something based on their 1950’s kit too?

  3. You’re spot on Chris – I know what you mean about the 70s market stall look! I couldn’t understand why City didn’t take adopt a retro kit as well. Simply abandoning their sponsor/manufacturer logo but keeping the rest of the trappings of their kit (including modern neck design) didn’t make much sense to me.

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