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I was very flattered to be asked to contribute to the retro football magazine Backpass recently. I was vaguely aware of the publication but now I’ve been sent a couple of copies I have to say I’m absolutely hooked. I really recommend it.

Its an essential read for anyone interested in football history and who misses the intelligent and informative editorial approach of the likes of Shoot magazine in the 70s and 80s.

The magazine focusses on the 60s, 70s and 80s and is packed with really good articles and photos. Its not a comic – its a serious football publication aimed at football supporting gentlemen (and women) of a certain age, something which I think the football world needs at the moment.

To find out more visit: and look out for future issues which should feature more on the iconic kits of the 60s, 70s and 80s. As well as being available online, I believe the magazine is also sold in newsagents and certain WH Smiths.

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  1. have you seen that there is a book out called ‘Match weekly-best of the 80’s’ flicked through a copy in whsmiths the other day,brought back fond memories,will have to purchase a copy.

  2. I too stupidly got rid of all my SHOOT magazines I had collected from its incetion date in 1969 – thank goodness for BACKPASS as I now can relive those glory years of football when the game was played by men and not by the ‘prima donnas’ of the modern era; an era when diving was not part and parcel of the game, where loyalty meant being with your club until and after your testimonial, etc. Look forward to each edition of BACKPASS. Good to also see so many of the stars of the Seventies that I was privileged to have seen play for either Cape Town City or Hellenic featured in the publications, stars like George Mulhall and George Eastham to name but a few.

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