Weekly Blog – 31 January 2009

We’re starting to see the first inklings of next season’s strips already. Watford and Ipswich have already published polls for fans to choose the 09/10 designs. Thankfully the voting supporters saw sense with Leicester’s new home shirt and have decided to leave it blank rather than the slightly dodgy messages/slogans that were the alternatives. It seems the away shirt will be sponsored by a local charity as well which is a great gesture by the club.

Sticking with Leicester, they had to lend a set of away kits to visiting team Brighton last week due to a colour clash. This is despite Brighton wearing FOUR, yes FOUR kits this season already! Forget everything else connected with football shirts for the moment, the primary function of a football kit is to allow one team to be clearly distinguished from another and for players to easily recognise their teammate. I find it incredible that in this modern age of football shirts this event is still happening! Surely with four kits at their disposal they could have bought one that could be told apart from Leicesters? Incidentally, I presume squad numbers and names etc go out the window in this event? Or do they print up special bastardised versions in the club shop? Plus, how do the sponsors feel knowing that their logo won’t be seen for one patch? Borrowing kits opens up many cans of worms.

The latest edition of the rather excellent Backpass magazine features a short article that I’ve written on Birmingham City’s infamous German flag kit of the early 70s. To find out more about this magazine, which is essential reading for any football fan, visit www.backpassmagazine.co.uk.

I’ve also been interviewed by Wolves fanzine ‘A Load of Bull’. I’ll let you know when it comes out.

The Sheffield Wednesday kit section is coming on well – almost finished! – and is attracting a few comments. I hope to get some more up this weekend. Due to several, ahem, errors and omissions in the Wales section in True Colours 2 I’ll also be publishing a small articles on Wales kits from the mid 70s to the late 80s. Some of the kits are already in the updates section but I thought it would be good to clarify everything. I’ll also be putting together a small piece on Middlesbrough kits from 1970 to the late 80s.

Incidentally, I’d be interested to hear your views on my latest illustrations. You will notice I’ve updated the Owls kits with textures, fabric folds etc but would you want to see additional League logos and backs of the shirts as well as I’ve used on my 08-09 kits section? Any feedback or opinions on how the illustrations could look and what you would like to see on them would be much appreciated.

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  1. I really love the 2008-2009 illustrations including the back of the shirts! Please also include the arm patches, it will make it complete!

  2. I think they look fantastic. The fabric folds etc add a touch of realism that really makes them come alive, so to speak. As for patches etc, I’d say ad as much as you can as it all helps to recreate the genuine article…but then I would say that as it’s not me who’s doing the work! Keep up the great stuff John!

  3. For me the arm patches and indeed shirt no’s don’t add anything. The essence of your work is essentially as a historic record of past kits. As all kits have no’s and league logo’s there is no need for them.

    On an entirely unrelated note are you aware that Huddersfield Town have brought out a limited edition Pink and White striped shirt in aid of cancer research. As this – as far as i’m aware – won’t be match worn does it in your opinion count as a kit?

  4. Interesting point about the pink kit. Everton had one last season made only for women and did so again this season. So will we see it on the site?

    We have had kit shown that were/might not have been actually worn in a match.

  5. I can’t wait to see the Wales updates, we’ve had quite an interesting history with our kits over the years, you never know what goes on in the ivory towers of the FAW!

    With the 70’s being covered that’ll mean a showing of one of our greatest kits which so nearly got a showing in Euro 76 (but for a dodgy East German referee) and in World Cup 78 (but for a dodgy French referee and a cheating Joe Jordan!). I am of course referring to the iconic Admiral “tramline” strip first used in 1976, a classic which seems to be a popular garment in the retro football shirt market with Welsh fans, including those born after 1979!

  6. have you been watching ‘The Big Match revisited’ on itv4 john? some happy memories of the 78/79 season, i noticed last week ipswich were at home to orient in the FA cup and ipswich wore there white/black away strip whilst orient wore all red,very strange i thought and the commentator never explained why either? Some great strips on show too including Arsenal in there best ever strip.

  7. Great stuff as always John. I particularly like the update on my team (Middlesbrough). Rumours abound that the club might be changing the kit supplier next season.

  8. Denis neither side needed to change. Ipswich home strip was Blue and Orient’s all white with red tramlines, it seemed entirely unnecessary.

    Maybe we should locate Trelford Mills the referee and ask what was going on?

  9. I really hate criticising design but I must admit John, if the preview IS the new England shirt then its possibly the worst. most poorly conceived shirt I have ever seen. I’ll be writing about it in my blog this week.

  10. I saw that shirt, it looks absolutely shocking! It’s the most poorly conceived shirt since the Italy’s awful “v-neck top over a blue t-shirt” effort of a few years ago.

    I can see the complaints to Umbro flooding in from disgruntled English fans.

  11. Holy [expletive deleted]!!!! Please tell me that’s not the new England shirt! I’m all for wacky designs, but this looks like some kind of retro mid atlantic ‘leezure’ shirt, more at home on an extra in a 70s skateboard film. And what’s with the 3D bar code??? Maybe it’s so they can track Mr Ferdinand when the drug testers come knocking?

  12. Sorry for not answering some of these questions sooner – Mark/Amir, I wasn’t aware of the Huddersfield pink kit – similar to Everton’s recent kit I guess? I know Oldham have done something similar but will actually be wearing it. My rule is, if the kit is prepared and ready for match use in a season then I include it. If its never worn – fine, I still document it. If its designed purely for charity or promotional purposes I don’t.

    Shaun, thank you for your comments – I can’t believe Middlesbrough won’t have Errea next season!! Might be good to have a chance though…

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