The Kit Cupboard – Manchester United Commemorative Kit 2007–08

man-utd-c-07-08The football world is sadly littered with disasters but few have touched a club more than the Munich Air Disaster of 6th February 1958 that killed eight Manchester United players from the side known as The Busby Babes.

To mark the 50th anniversary United, who were playing local rivals Manchester City on the 9th February 2008 at Old Trafford, decided to honour and remember the dead by sporting a 1950s style home strip. Special dispensation was granted by The Premier League for the kit to be worn.

The outfit was quite frankly exquisite and looked glorious in action. Nike (who produced the kit) and AIG both gave up their branding and without club badge and sponsors and manufacturer’s logo it was plain, simple with a devastatingly elegant cut; a fitting tribute to the Busby Babes. It also gave older supporters a chance to reminisce about seeing football strips minus the commercial graphics of the modern day. The shirts also dispensed with squad names and numbers which were replaced by a good old-fashioned 1-11.

Replica versions were never produced and instead the shirts worn on the day were given to survivors of the disaster.

Manchester City also paid their own tribute with a change of kit although the Le Coq Sportif outfits they wore simply ditched the commercial logos but retained the other modern styling and detailing. It was a real shame as a Manchester derby played totally in 1950s style kit would have been great to see.

Worn in: The 2007–08 Old Trafford Manchester derby – on such an occasion the result becomes immaterial but the emotion of the day possibly caught up with Alex Ferguson’s men and they went down 2–1.

Worn by: Ryan Giggs, Michael Carrick, Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez.

5 Replies to “The Kit Cupboard – Manchester United Commemorative Kit 2007–08

  1. It was a lovely kit, and shows sponsors logos do not in any way enhance a shirt.

    I understand their purpose, but for me they dilute the only brand that matters, that of the club.

  2. I loved the fact the shirt numbers were so clear, no fancy font or name on the back of the shirt.

  3. cheers john,fantastic kit,any new United kit should use this as an inspiration,i was a bit gutted by the result that day.But a beautiful kit.and the numbers looked great too.

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