Liverpool shorts – how many pairs?!

With so many clubs seemingly abandoning the shorts colour clash tradition in 09-10 I was surprised when True Colours regular Andrew pointed out to me that Liverpool have worn no less than five different pairs of shorts so far this season. And we’re still just barely into November!

As well as the home red, away charcoal grey and Euro (thats third to you and me) white the club have also worn change away shorts of gold against Sunderland and change third shorts against West Ham.

Here they are in all their glory


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  1. All this effort from Liverpool yet Arsenal went to Wolves and wore the dark blue kit against black shorts when one might have expected them to wear all white! Additionally, Birmingham haven’t bothered changing to blue home shorts this year and even created a shorts clash by wearing their all black away kit at Spurs when the normal home kit was sufficient!

  2. Excellent points Philip! I was very surprised to see Arsenal wearing blue at Wolves. I didn’t see the Birmingham/Spurs game but from what you say that was another daft move. Birmingham have always had a change pair of blue shorts in the past.

  3. Last week Liverpool played away to Lyon i France. They wore an all white kit. They had to wear shirts without sponsorship because of the french alcohol-add-ban! That was a special kit I think!

  4. Its strange that Liverpool wore white at Lyon. Maybe the wanted to increase European kit sales after last year’s green effort. Despite using 5 pairs of shorts this year, in 00/1 Liverpool’s amber away kit had dark navy shorts and socks which were never changed to avoid a clash! The only exception was amber socks at Roma although not against Man Utd. The shorts AND socks clashed at Sunderland. However, an amber pair of shorts was actually released for sale so not to see them worn is very strange! Maybe it just depends on who the kit manager is?

  5. At least all the shorts are different colours, not as bad as two seasons ago when both the away and third had black shorts with adidas stripes and red trim, though in different designs

  6. Man Utd have 6 pairs of shorts across all their 3 strips. Home Red shirt goes with White with Red Trim and also Black and Red Trim. Away Black shirt goes with Black with Blue Trim and also White with Blue Trim. Third white shirt goes with Royal Blue and Also White shorts. They also have 5 pairs of Socks across their Kits.

  7. I can’t believe it has taken me all this time to realise it John, but there are 6 pairs of shorts for Newcastle this season too, although the home change pair haven’t been worn on the pitch yet.

  8. CORRECTION- I forgot the home and third shorts are the same this year. There were six pairs in 05/6 and 06/7 though.

  9. Hmm…this shorts epidemic is getting out of hand!

    Nice to see that Man City also use their black away shorts with the third kit and the goalkeeper kit though! Now thats thrifty!

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