Poll: Favourite England Kit Ever – The Winner

england-h-80-83Well, this really surprised me! The winner of the favourite England Kit Ever as chosen by your good selves is …the Admiral 1980-83 home kit!

To be honest its not one of my favourites but in its defence it’s certainly a memorable, unique and iconic outfit that clearly holds many memories for England fans during its three years of use.

England didn’t enjoy a particularly successful time in this strip but it did see the end of the likes of Keegan and Brooking’s international careers.

There was a real spread of votes with nearly every England shirt of the past 30+ years getting a shout. The least favourite appears to be the Umbro 1997-99 home kit as worn in the 98 World Cup. Definitely not a classic in my book – too much red and blue.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their opinions – some really interesting views  there. Cheers.

14 Replies to “Poll: Favourite England Kit Ever – The Winner

  1. Very surprising result!
    I expected either the current tailored home shirt to win comfortably (saying that i did vote for the 05/07 home shirt)

    As for the winner, I like it but it’s a shame the shade of blue isn’t darker.

  2. This surprises me on one hand though a sense of nostalgia pushes it up the list no doubt. I personally don’t like it as it looks far too gimmicky and cheap, but given the 97-99’s unpopularity, it is surprising this one was so highly placed as they have a lot in common.

  3. I can still remember my mum sewing a number 7 on to the back of mine!!

    I’m not sure if it is a false memory but I swear I can remember a third blue shirt in the same style. I had the home shirt and my brother had the red away shirt. Have I made up this third shirt?

  4. It will always be a classic for me as it is the first one I was aware of England wearing when I was a boy

  5. Meh, I can never understand the fuss about this shirt, is it just overall nostalgia for the early eighties? It looks cheap, and the shade of blue is all wrong for an England shirt. The Mexico ’86 shirt was superior in every sense.

  6. I’m sure the replicas of this shirt featured the Admiral logo as well as the England badge as an integral part the fabric of the shirt, and yes, in my opinion it did leave a residue of tackiness!

    Admiral secured this new deal with the FA, and shortly afterwards went into receivership. The company allegedly had a whole portfolio of new clubs and extended deals with existing clients lined up in this period, most of whom switched to adidas….thus establishing a solid foothold in the British market for the three stripes.

  7. Hello Andy, like John B, 100% certain there was no blue shirt equivalent of the Admiral outfits, Steve, you’re right, the replicas did feature all detailing printed on the fabric rather than using stitched, felt or vinyl motifs. You’re also right about Admiral’s disappearance with many of their clubs switching to adidas.

    Les – I totally agree!

  8. i think les is right,its definateley a nostalgia influence,first world cup appearance for 12 years,sunny spain and a memorable world cup song and bulldog bobby(even though the kit made its debut at Europa 80).

  9. Sorry fella’s but i’m afraid Admiral have nothing to do with Adidas getting a hold in the textile production of English and Scottish club kits. That blame can be placed at the door of Umbro, who were approached by Adidas and were happy to let them take on kit production for the likes of Notts Forrest, Ipswich Town, Aberdeen and Dundee United -much to Umbro’s dismay 3 of these clubs went on to win European trophies.

    Admiral originally went bust in 1980, but continued until 1983 after a high profile Dutch business man -whose name escapes me at this time- purchased the company off the back of the England “contract”. He folded the company up when he realised he was losing a lot of money and not getting the return on replica kit sales in 1983.

    The airtex version of the first Admiral shirt was my favourite, and my Umbro favourite was the 1990 World Cup shirt.

  10. i’ve noticed on ebay that admiral are producing replicas of this shirt,except the shirt has a collar and the England badge is like something from a kids competition.

  11. i’ve noticed on ebay that admiral are producing replicas of this shirt,except the shirt has a collar and the England badge is like something from a kids competition.

  12. I have one of these shirts a ex girlfriend bought me it, as i was born in 83. I could not wait to get it and wear it and when i do i always get loads of comments on it.
    I think people like it because its a bit tacky, but its also very memorable. The thing is a nightmare on hot days tho, and its too tight 80s style haha.
    Im liking the new white England strip, its classy

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