New Website launch – Greatest Kit Ever

logoI’m delighted to announce the launch this week of – a companion site to True Colours in conjunction with the team behind the website.

Debate over which current or past kit is superior to another is rife and has been a hot topic on my site,, which at the moment focuses only on the English Premier League, now allows you to decide!

The process is simple, the site is filled with approximately 500 shirts carefully selected from every year and every team since the Premier League’s formation in 1992. A pair of random shirts is displayed and you simply click on the one you think is best, or in the centre if you can’t decide. The stats are continually being added up and at any time you can see which kit/shirt is the most popular.

Its really fun and a great way to see and compare shirts from the Premier League’s history…but a warning, its very addictive!

Click here to visit the site and start voting now!

7 Replies to “New Website launch – Greatest Kit Ever

  1. Looks great John! A fantastic addition to the True Colours portfolio 🙂 Far too addictive though! 😉

  2. Great site. Just one really pedantic point: it says “Look at the two kits opposite and select which one you think is the best”. It should say ‘better’ not ‘the best’. It can only be ‘best’ if there’s more than 2.

  3. I’ve spent too much time on there already, but it’s agreat idea. Abject loser so far (other than me) is the 94-96 Norwich away kit with 0 wins!

    Always find it odd how what I consider to make a great kit (simplicity, staying true to a club’s heritage) seems to be totally different to other people’s criteria. Some of my favourite kits have well under 50% wins.

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