BBC Radio Merseyside Interview

The new Everton away kit is being launched tomorrow and BBC Radio Merseyside have asked me for a live interview to talk about the design.

If you’re interested you can catch it on Thursday 3 June 2010 at approximately 8.20am.

Click here to listen to BBC Radio Merseyside via the BBC iPlayer.

Better shake off this pesky jetlag before then!!

7 Replies to “BBC Radio Merseyside Interview

  1. Now I have seen it in better lighting I like it. For about the last 2 years Everton have sold a pink version of their home shirt as a fund raiser for breast cancer charities, seemed very popular. I guess that’s why they ran with the idea

  2. MY EYES!!!!!! Man, that’s pink…sorry, I mean PINK!!!! I like it though. Loving the creeping return to slightly eccentric kit design. The retro retro backlash is coming sooner than anticipated and as the 90s are now 20 years ago, expect the retro bandwagon to start looking back to a tiome when it was ‘ok’ to have Pollock-esque shirts. The leaked pics of Inter Milan’s new home shirt looks incredibly like England’s goalie kit from Euro 88 🙂

  3. Hello Rich – ha, I suspect you’re right about how PINK it is! I wonder what it will look like in action? We’re definitely seeing a return to early 90s kits IMHO. Lairy patterns/colours and watermarks are with us!

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