New and old Umbro logos

Posted by John Devlin

umbro-logosI’ve noticed that the vast majority of 09-10 Umbro kits still feature the old elongated logo design whereas the new England kit (and it seems the new Manchester City kit) both feature the redrawn Umbro logo that is closer to the version used in the 80s.

I was initially puzzled, but the reason for this is actually very simple.

Most football kits are designed a year or so in advance of their release date. This is the case with most of the new season Umbro outfits – therefore they all feature the old logo. The new logo/corporate identity and the whole ‘Tailored by Umbro’ concept was only launched in conjunction with the England kit a couple of months ago.

The Manchester City partnership with Umbro only came about very recently and with the new season rapidly approaching Umbro have pulled out all the stops and achieved a very speedy turnaround time for the new designs. Meaning that the club’s 09-10 set of kits are the first domestic ones to be developed and manufactured since ‘Tailored by Umbro’ was born – hence the new logo!

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  1. Les Says:

    Unless Umbro want to keep their most prestigious contracts visually distinct.

    It’s all a matter of perspective like, to me the new Hull City kit is their most prestigious contract. Heh.

  2. #4 Says:

    It does not really make sense John – if “all kits were designed a year ago” then this has to be true for the whole “Tailored by Umbro” campaign.

  3. John Devlin Says:

    Its what Umbro told me. I’m guessing the design and production of the old logo kits was complete a year ago. The England kit was being developed for the spring launch and therefore was able to accommodate the new logo. Ditto the Man City kit which seems to have been treated as a priority and wasn’t designed a year in advance.

  4. #4 Says:

    That’s very strange – that would mean that the biggest Umbro launch this year was for a product that was designed just weeks/months in advance, while some small teams get their next season kits concepts ready 1 year ago? But if they told you they are probably right. It just did not make sense at first glance.

  5. Hox Says:

    Surprised to hear that kit templates are designed a year in advance. Clubs only tend to see samples post Jan

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