SPAOTP – Vote for your favourite Arsenal shirt

Posted by John Devlin

The excellent Some People are on the Pitch (SPAOTP) website has another of their popular Shirt Legend polls on the go – this time its the turn of Arsenal and like the previous features on past Liverpool and Scotland kits you have the opportunity to vote for your favourite Gunners shirt from the past:

The site is well worth a visit – I urge you to check out the poll at:

6 Responses to “SPAOTP – Vote for your favourite Arsenal shirt”

  1. Rich Johnson Says:

    Hmmm…really can’t make up my mind. I like C and D as they’re from when I got into football, but I also like J as I likes the extension of the white sleeves down the sides of the top. I also like M for it’s simple, clean lines and I like the redcurrant one as it was a nice touch.

  2. Denis Hurley Says:

    A is obviously the classic one, but I like J too as it’s what they wore when I started supporting

  3. john Says:

    a by a mile,proper arsenal and the away kit from the same period was good too!a cup final classic.

  4. John Devlin Says:

    Didn’t know you were an Arsenal fan Denis?

    I can’t decide between the classic round neck 70s home (a) or the late 80s adidas top (e). I do have fond memories of the redcurrent shirt though as it was one of the last kits I illustrated for True Colours volume 1 and it created such interest in football kits when it was launched.
    My least favourite has to be m – I really wasn’t that keen on that particular Nike template.

  5. Denis Hurley Says:

    Hi John,

    yeah I kept that quiet – bit of a source of embarrassment for me at the moment ;)

    Actually meant to say E and not J – started supporting them in 1990, had that shirt with a no 10 on the back, Merse was my favourite player.

    I presume you’ve seen the pics of the 09-10 away today? Blue might not be the most popular of away kit colours but i quite like this kit

    Sorry for the delay with those pics of the Melchester away, digital camera still playing up :(

  6. John Devlin Says:

    You musn’t be embarrassed Denis! Paul Merson was always one of my favourite players too – in fact, I modelled my hairstyle at the time on his 1989-90 barnet!

    I really like the new away kit – I know yellow is the preferred Arsenal change colour but they do seem to suit blue as well.

    Looking forward to the Rovers pics – I’ve got one new away kit to add which I hope to do on Friday.

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