The Kit Cupboard – QPR Away Kit 1976–78, Third Kit 1978-81

qpr-a-76-78QPR have been blessed with any number of cracking kits through the years – one of their most distinctive was this red and white halved adidas away outfit launched in the first year of the company’s deal with the Loftus Road club. With its contrasting sleeves and wrapover crew neck it was quite unlike any strip around in the league at the time. The black shorts and socks setting off the jersey well. Strangely, and despite what modern day replicas may have you believe, the shirt never featured a QPR badge. Even more odd was the fact that despite its apparent retirement at the end of the 77–78 season (to be replaced by the often worn and now familiar all red jersey) the kit made several re-appearances as a totally unnecessary third kit for another three years – the most recent occasion that I uncovered was against Chelsea in 80-81.

Worn in: A cracking 3–3 draw at Everton (77–78) and a 1–1 draw against West london rivals Chelsea (80–81).

Worn by: Stan Bowles, Ian Gillard and Gerry Francis.

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  1. A really nice kit, this one – seems maybe 4-5 years ahead of its time! Looks more of a kit from 1984-85 than 1977-78.

    It also looks very much like the Feyenoord kit, which leads me to my next question – did this kit arise out of (e.g.) a previous friendly match between the two clubs, some form of “friendship” link-up, or am I just looking into this too much?

  2. I could have had twenty guesses (at least) as to who this kit belonged to and would never have got it. It’s a beauty though!

  3. It’s a great kit and at first glace it reminds me of Feyenoord, albeit with the halves the other way around. However I do know that this kit was actually used from 1977 onwards, not 1976.

    QPR changed from Umbro to adidas for the 76/77 season, and whilst the home kit was made by adidas, the away kit was a real curiosity. The shirt (retained from the 75/76 season) was made by Umbro and was identical to the illustration above (even the wrap-over collar), but without the adidas trim and had a QPR badge on it. Even more interesting is that the shirt was paired with standard issue adidas shorts and socks in black with the three stripes in white!

    There’s a picture here from an away match at Man City in the 76/77 season to prove it:_

    Even more interesting is that QPR had a third kit in the 76/77 season in white with a blue, white and red wrapover collar, also made by Umbro, and paired with adidas shorts and socks in blue! They wore it at West Ham from some old YouTube footage I found.

    Which also meant QPR basically had three kits which heavily featured white in them, not very functional eh!

  4. Great detective work Jon – are you sure they wore adidas for the home kit and Umbro for the away/third? Seems bizarre doesn’t it. Thanks for the info though…

  5. It seems I may have missed the boat on this topic, however, it should be recalled that QPR were the first English and almost certainly, British club side to have a kit supplied by Adidas. Several clubs, including Notts Forest and Birmingham City went with the three stripes in the following 1977-8 season.

  6. My mate has this shirt, original player shirt from 76/77, has number 15 on the back I think so was was from the euro campaign. Had the adidas logo at the bottom of the 5. Will ask for a pic.

  7. seems like a good job thet QPR were in adiffernt division to the two BRFCs Blackburn and Bristol Rovers, they would have had to have a fourth kit!

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