The Kit Cupboard – Liverpool Change Home 1983-84

liverpool-change-home-83-84All this recent talk of change shorts/socks bought to mind a rather bizarre mismatch of a kit that Liverpool wore back in the 83-84 season against Watford. The Hornets’ yellow shirts, red shorts and red socks clashed with both Liverpool’s home outfit and their all-yellow away. Instead the club paired their home shirt with the yellow away socks and the black shorts from their previous away kit. Quite why they didn’t opt to resurrect their previous white/black away kit in its entirety is a mystery as it certainly would’ve looked better than this combination!

The all-red Liverpool kit is pretty much untouchable and this was, as far as I’m aware,  the only time thire red shirt has been worn with anything other than its traditional red shorts and socks.

Worn in: The aforementined away game at Watford in the 83–84 season. The match ended in a 2–0 win for Liverpool.
Worn by: Alan Hansen, Graeme Souness, Sammy Lee.

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  1. White socks have been worn on occasion John – away to Portsmouth once or twice in recent years, though away strips have been worn then too – and against Bolton in the FA Cup in 1993, when Bolton had white shirts, navy shorts and red socks.

  2. In addition to what Denis said, I’m pretty certain Liverpool wore black socks at Portsmouth in the 87/88 season. I can certainly recall seeing a black and white photograph of John Aldridge scoring a goal, and the socks were definitely a much darker shade than the rest of the kit.

    Of course, prior to November 1964, Liverpool had worn white shorts as part of the home kit. At the time of the change, they even had white socks too, but Bill Shankly’s psychology before the European Cup tie with Anderlecht changed all that and the famous all-red so synonymous with the club was born.

  3. I believe in this same season, Liverpool played at Birmingham City, and wore Red Shirts and Shorts but they wore yellow socks. Birmingham were wearing Red Socks that day. The game ended 0-0, I have seen action where Bruce Grobbelaar(Not Sure of Spelling) was taking on the whole of Birmingham that day

  4. Hello Dave – I’ve just done a bit of digging around and you’re right Liverpool did wear yellow socks against Birmingham in 83-84. Not like the other weekend where they wore their away kit at Pompey to avoid a socks colour clash.

  5. Sorry to drag up an old thread… I was watching Portsmouth v Liverpool back in 07 from a hospital bed and I do recall the Reds wearing their white away socks that day… as opposed to changing their whole kit as John pointed out.

  6. Hello Drew although Liverpool did switch to their away kit recently against Pompey, you are quite right, back in the 07-08 season they did wear white socks with red shirt/shorts. Well remembered!

  7. Hi john I wonder if the reason Liverpool didn’t just
    Go with the previous years white away shirt
    Has something to do with sponsors?
    The white kit had the hitachi sponsor but the yellow
    Crown paints? As far as I can remember anyway!

  8. This strip was also worn by Liverpool at Watford on the final day of the 82-83 season in a 2-1 loss. I have today seen a picture of Steve Nicol in this kit, he didn’t play in the 83/84 game so it has to have been used more than once.

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