Soccer Scene Catalogue 86-87

Back in the 80s and 90s Soccer Scene in London was THE place to go for replica shirts and all manner of football and rugby products. Based in Carnaby Street at the time they have since moved twice and now reside back in Carnaby Street but somehow the place isn’t quite the same as their original pokey little store that was a veritable treasure trove of kits!

Their catalogues were a valuable source of reference for any football kit enthusiast (this was pre-internet don’t forget) and I’ll adding some online in the coming weeks. This one is from the 86-87 season.

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  1. Blimey, John – that brings back some memories. I used to LOVE my occasional visits to Soccer Scene back in the late-80’s/early-90’s.

    I was even lucky enough to buy one or two international shirts from there too, but quite honestly it was more than enough of a thrill to just wander round looking at the thousands of shirts they had on sale.

    You didn’t need to buy anything to have a great time in that place!

  2. Hello Chris – you’re right, I think the owners used to get a bit annoyed with me as I browsed so much! Still bought quite a bit from there though. The first catalogues I have are A4, later ones are A5.

  3. Wow that takes me back to weekly visits to my local Inter-Sport. That said, they never had such a wide collection as that…all you could buy was Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal, Everton and England…mind you, go into any JJBs these days and it seems nothing has changed…

  4. i owned that Man.United home shirt,my favourite ever England shirt too on there(beats the last admiral one just).Some garish numbers there including the scotland shorts!! and ‘the chelsea collection’ are soccer scene still going?

  5. Soccer Scene! Great memories there John, thanks! Not seen a Soccer Scene since 1998. It was football heaven. Those hummel designs catch the eye, very 80’s!

  6. Hello John – Yes Soccer Scene are still going, now down the far end of Carnaby Street. They had a period in Oxford St as well near HMV but have gone back to their spiritual home. When I used to frequent there regularly they actually had 2 stores – one with all the latest gear and a quieter one in a side street of Carnaby St that sold old stuff, past seasons kits etc.

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