True Colours – Shirt of Hurt Challenge – I did it!

Well after some deep soul searching I finally plucked up courage to don the Shirt of Hurt for Sport Relief! When I realised I’d hit my sponsorship target of £100 I realised I had to go through with it!

Many many thanks to all the people who so generously sponsored me (I was particularly pleased to notice the patronage of one of the team behind the shirt’s design as well!) Its much appreciated.

But don’t forget, its still not too late to sponsor me – please head over to to do so, its quick and easy and all for a good cause.

Here is the photographic proof of the occasion (by the way no Photoshop was used on any of these photos, especially not the 4th and 5th ones).

Never again…

12 Replies to “True Colours – Shirt of Hurt Challenge – I did it!

  1. This is sublime. You couldn’t’ve executed this in a more brilliant way. The (much better) Scotland shirt and kilts are masterstrokes.

    The last picture actually seems to work, bizarrely. Perhaps it’s a look that would have caught on at Ibrox, had their future been rosier.

  2. Im all for the cause and that John but were you not born in England.Wouldnt it have been more painful to wear a shirt of a rival club side.presuming you actually follow a club that is.

  3. Believe me Ciaran, as a lifelong Scotland fan, wearing an England shirt is painful enough!! As with most boys I automatically followed the clubs my Dad supported, including national side (my Dads a Glaswegian). Plus when it comes to domestic teams, although I follow Liverpool and Southend, its only really Scotland that I get REALLY passionate about. Being a Scotland supporter in England with an English accent has always been difficult, but you can’t help whats in your blood can you?

  4. Hard to argue with your loyalty after reading that Dev.It must be hard choosing a less successful nation to follow.Not to worry England aint pulling up too many trees either these days.

    I much prefer Scotland’s kit to the new England one anyway.Great body aswell.Is that a result of wearing the Scotland shirt over the years.

    My mother is English and Dad Irish so we have this in common.of course settling in Ireland its nowhere near as bad for me as it is for you.Wont ever forget the last game of the euro 1992 group stages when it looked like Ireland would qualify at England’s expense when Poland went 1-0 up.My Dad went bananas before being told off by Mam in a polite english manner to “stop swearing”.Still find it funny to this day.Less so Gary Linekers equalizer in Poland to see them qualify.

    Dont want to incriminate you but you werent by any chance climbing the wembley goals in 1977.

  5. Nice one John 🙂 As a half breed myself (Dad’s from Glesca, Mum’s a scouser), I’m used to supporting both sides of the border…a mentality that seems to be in the minority.

    I think I can sense a certain amount of pride slipping in in that last photo…could be mistaking it for a grimace though 😉

  6. @John I know how it feels for us Scotland supporters south of the border with English accents but Scottish blood.
    But there is only one team for me and it’s Scotland with my clubs as Hibs and Villa :/

  7. Nice touch with the Kilt however I’d never wear my rivals kit, I have been to charity fundraising days though. We can’t help having the best kit out of the 5 Nations that make up our Isles.

  8. Haha! Hilarious! Simply brilliant! Good work fella! I have so many shirts that i wear around the house etc these days i dont seem to mind doing this. I am desperate for a Scotland shirt as i have all the home nations…neeearly!

  9. Thanks for all your kind words people, Jay, Iain, Rich (x2), Mike, Ciaran, Philip – everyone. Much appreciated. Mike, I think the abs challenge would have been MUCH harder. Kyle, glad you feel my pain. It is hard supporting a country when you live in a rivals, but if its in you, its in you – you can’t help it!

    Total raised so far is £127 for Sport Relief. Might leave it another week for any late sponsors – tell your friends!

    Thanks again…

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