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For anyone interested in football from the 60s, 70s and 80s then Backpass magazine really is essential reading!

Reminiscent of the classic late 70s era of football writing from the likes of Shoot etc the magazine is filled with proper articles offering insights, memories and new perspectives on classic matches and events that have shaped our national game.

Its packed with colour and loads of articles, interviews and photos of the teams and players from past eras, primarily from the UK but also from the worldwide arena.

There’s plenty there for anyone with an interest in kits as well as I contribute a True Colours feature every issue looking at a selection of 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s kits from a specific team. Focusing on 6 outfits, I illustrate the kit and explain a bit more about the design and its history. Past teams include Southampton, Sunderland, Rangers, Hull City, Manchester City, QPR and Millwall. I’ve included some sample spreads below.

The latest issue (no.22) is out now and includes my feature on Aberdeen kits.

I can’t recommend Backpass highly enough – in a day when we’re just surrounded by jokey football magazines and ones aimed at children its great to have this superb retro publication around. Its available from WH Smiths, although be quick as copies go fast, and via mail order (back issues are available too) – for more info visit:


4 Replies to “Backpass Magazine

  1. i kkep a eye out mordern mag have gone down hill since the late 1990s gonethe intresting story lower club team photo now just about the top clubs and player in the past i only got my info about shirt from the team photos i us mostly old program now and your book i hope you bring out a thid it a real must for collecter of football shirt

  2. Hi John,

    I got my copy of Backpass last Friday. Always try to pick up a copy when I can!

    Really enjoyed your feature on the Aberdeen kits. I remember helping you out with some research on the same a fair while ago! I think the Admiral tramlines and the Adidas pinstripes were the two classics for me. Mind you, the diamond pinstripes on the away kit come in a very close third!

    All the best,

  3. John;
    Had my first look at Backpass this weekend when I was in Kelowna, British Columbia! (far reaching!) I only gave it a quick glance as my fiancee was far too busy searching for bridal magazines, however one thing I did look for and find quickly was your review on QPR kits. It was most enjoyable and perhaps the next time I am going through Kelowna I can stop and pick up a copy, so I can enjoy both your article and the rest of what looks like a brilliant read!

  4. My first copy was Spring 2009 with Frank Worthington on the cover. I bought it for some pool side reading on me and the wifes honeymoon.
    Read it cover to cover whilst still remembering to pay her some attention!
    I’ve not missed one since but have subscribed as it’s been so hard to find on the shelves.
    Those rose tinted glasses aren’t really that tinted, football in days gone by was bloody brilliant!

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