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  1. Holland and Italy aren’t allowed to wear their white home shorts because of the Monochrome all light and all dark rule FIFA has enforced on the teams since 2006. It’s a shame and silly really. That is also the reason why Spain were without their traditional blue shorts, Argentina black shorts, Japan white shorts, England navy blue shorts, and Colombia their blue shorts. Something needs to be done about this as this World Cup in terms of color and aesthetics has been a disaster so far. It’s like watching a basketball game or an NBA game not a Football or World Cup game.

  2. How did England’s away shorts and Italy’s shorts in both kits circumvent the FIFA kit regulations?!

  3. @ Mark

    Cant help feeling that many of the big nations are patsying to the demands of FIFA whereas some are giving them the two fingers it would seem.

    The fairest rule would be to let the ‘home’ side wear their first choice in the order they see fit and fair enough then if they make the ‘away’ side wear a contrasting monochrome kit be it their home or away akin to Ecuador v France tonight.

  4. The biggest disappointment of the World Cup has been the kits IMO and this FIFA ‘rule’/’guidance’ whateveryou want to call it. Some of the combinations have been bizarre and unnecessary

  5. The best kit combination has to be Mexico against Croatia. green shirts black shorts and dark orange socks. This ruling has been inconsistent in parts, let teams wear the colours they want with a rule to state they must have alternative shorts/socks incase of any clashes that may arise

  6. Very traditional look about the 2 sides and the sky hasn’t fallen in yet despite us being 1 and a half minutes into the match.

    Whats the reason? Do Argentina traditionally wear black socks though?

  7. This is more like it.

    I’m happier with Hollands outfit so I’m gonna back the dutch here.

    Wij houden van Oranje!

  8. Both of the semi finals have been ‘back to sanity’ – although yellow and white isn’t a clash, it’s not the first time – Germany wore red against Brazil in the ’05 Confed Cup, so OK, and good to see both teams tonight in something approaching tradition (though obviously black shorts and socks for Argentina rather than the traditional navy). But inconsistent or what? this wouldn’t have been allowed earlier in the tournament (FIFA would’ve made Holland wear orange shorts I’m sure, even though no clash exists). Is it fair to say that the stupid shorts regs have been quietly brushed under the carpet? Can we expect to see Germany in black shorts in the final?

  9. Any news on the kit colours for the final and 3rd place match yet?
    I’m guessing Brazil (yellow, white, white), Holland (all blue).
    Not sure who has won the right to wear their home strip in the final though……….

  10. Denis (18) – Apologies, my memory was playing tricks on me! Rothko (19) I don’t know who is defined as the ‘home’ team – as regards the final, though, Germany will likely be in their away kit, whichever way it goes, as their home will clash with Argentina’s home – as Argentina have a dark away shirt, then they will likely be in their usual home, with the white shorts and socks used pre tournament. Alternatively, Germany could be in all white vs Argentina in all blue. 3rd place? I would guess Holland in all orange, and some top bod at Nike will request that Brazil wear the third shirt so it can be said that its been worn and they can get some sales off the back of it (cynical, moi?) – alternatively, yeah, Brazil in yellow/white/white vs Holland in all blue seems the most likely – back in ’98 I seem to remember Holland wearing orange shorts with their then dark blue away shirt – that would be sensible, and would allow Brazil to wear their traditional shorts, but how many times have FIFA been sensible during this World Cup?!

  11. After FIFA trying to get all the teams to play in one single colour of shirt, shorts, and socks, how hilarious is it that the refs are allowed to wear mis matching kit?
    The new refs “kit” in the champions league is a great example, the silver/grey shorts are a ridiculous decision.

  12. Thought I’d use this blog to comment on the latest leaked Euro 2016 kits.
    LOVE the Spain away – I’m sure it’ll divide opinion, some will say its brave, some will say its a return to early 90’s excess…I say that its unique enough to be different without being too garish. No word on short and sock colours but I would guess white.

    Germany away – I think its a grower – wasn’t sure when I first saw it, but I’m beginning to like it now – again, its unique, and its at least related to ‘traditional’ away colours.

    Germany home – stunning, just stunning. Love the trim, love the black socks (memories of Bern), as a Bayern fan I have to say if thats a preview of adidas’ new direction we’re in for a treat (though the current home and away kits are something special anyway).

    Interesting return to contrasting short colour – is this down to Euro ’16 being run by UEFA, and they’re not as fussy as FIFA? or is this a climbdown by FIFA? It’ll be interesting to see what happens when a UEFA team plays a team from outside Europe…personally I think the ‘one colour’ idea is one of the stupidest ‘initiatives’ that FIFA ever dreamed up. If this is an indicator that its been consigned to history I’m all for it.

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