Around The Grounds – new book review

Around The Grounds by Chris Nelson is a new book just published by Footprint.

Its the essential fan’s guide to the clubs of the English Football League and contains all the essentials from pre-match pints and pies to rituals and histories, all brought to life with stunning photography.

Whether you’re an armchair expert, or a firm fixture on the terraces, Around The Grounds is your pass through the gates, hearts and minds of the 92 clubs of the English Football league. Broken down by club, the story of each hallowed ground is told, celebrating the victories and commiserating the losses both on and off the pitch, taking in the defining moments as well as the legendary characters that helped to fix each club in the hearts of their supporters.

Combined with essential facts, stats and little-known nuggets of information, and illustrated throughout with full colour photography, this book gives a unique insight into the life and personality of each team and those who support them.

This book combines contemporary design, knowledgeable and passionate writing, classic images from past and present plus an illustrated chapter I’ve contributed on how football kits have come of age.

The whole book is a highly entertaining read that really gives an insight into what makes other teams and their supporters tick. I must admit I struggle to put it down once I pick it up!

To have a virtual flick through some of the pages online click here.

To order it from Amazon click here.

6 Replies to “Around The Grounds – new book review

  1. Would look much better with your illustrations throughout the book John. The simplified versions on the top left of the team pages look far too basic.

    I would love to see a Scottish version!

  2. Thank you Willie – thats very kind! When I saw the finished version it did cross my mind that I could have helped out there as well! Off topic, what did you make of Scotland’s result on Friday? Is it as bad as it appears?

  3. It’s going to be another tough group John with Spain and the Czech Republic clear favourites to qualify. The game against Lithuania was like playing Hearts reserves. 🙂 We looked the better side but clearly lacked a cutting edge up front. I’m afraid we’ll need to wait a little longer before we get to see Scotland at a major finals again. I’m just glad at the grand old age of 47 I can remember the previous ones!


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