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  1. “What the hell are adidas playing at?”, “is there something wrong with my eyesite?” and “have I gone mad?”. Those questions went though my head when I saw that kit. Its a nice design, but thats not really the issue.

    Liverpool say that sky blue was the colour of their first kit, but that kit was a set that Everton had left behind after being booted out of Anfield. Liverpool were formed as a replacement for Everton, the landlords even tried to use the name Everton for the new club. The first real Liverpool kit was one with a red shirt.

    Even worse, Everton have worn a similar colour for quite a few home kits.


    I cannot understand how this kit has been made available to buy, and quite frankly, adidas should have made a yellow kit with red pinstripes, but they came out with a kit that will not be remembered well, if at all. Similar story to 1995. Adidas came out with the two best home kits that year (Newcastle, that went down as an all time classic and is regared as the best the team wore), of which one was a brilliant home kit, but came out with a horrible bottle green and white change kit. They dont learn, do they?

  2. I am stunned and really couldn’t believe it. Nothing wrong with design, but if the blue had been red or even a green we could have had a classic kit. Agree with Spiderbait, the 1st Liverpool kit was a left behind and doesn’t really have anything to heritage of the club. However Liverpool have actually used blue in a change kit on 4 previous occasions.

  3. The fact that the club approved this third kit surely means that they personally haven’t got a problem using blue. The real proof will be in the sales of this kit. If it sells well fine, if not it will be a while before blue appears in another Liverpool kit. Ultimately it’s the fans who decide at the cash register on the fate of any kit.

    I can’t imagine Celtic ever using blue or Rangers using green for an away strip in the SPL. It may go some way to solving a few problems up here but unfortunately it’s NEVER going to happen. 🙂

  4. It’s odd because wednesdays show is available… it’s the only one of the week that isn’t available

  5. Missed the prog, but saw the new shirt last week…and though I really like it, it just feels wrong…everytime I see it, I think ‘nice, and then immediately ‘wha?’ when I remember whose it is…truly bizarre!

  6. I understand the objections to Liverpool having light blue on their kit but why does nobody object when Everton have a pink kit, which is basically light red?

  7. Andrew, Everton on their early kits had pink on them, but it was a much more subtle shade than the shocking pink that was on their recent away kits. And there were plenty of objections to the most recent away kit.

  8. If it was a Manchester City away kit, or a new Marseilles kit, then I’d think ‘hmmm, not bad’. But as a Liverpool kit, it just doesn’t work: nothing about it fits the club. A sad way for adidas to bow out at Anfield.

  9. I fail to see why Adidas and more importantly the Club didn’t foresee the problems this would cause with the fan base.

    I’d like to think Tottenham would never have red on a kit, other than a sponsors logo.

    The City and Man U argument is not relevant as City have worn a Red & Black away kit for donkeys years and United have often had a blue third kit. These were from a time when petty things like wearing your rivals colours weren’t an issue, they sure are now!

  10. I don’t think it is too much of an issue now either Andrew, rather than something cooked up by the media for the most part.

    Arsenal have had two white change kits in recent times and there hasn’t been much made of it, personally I was far more disappointed when a kit without proper white sleeves was worn from 2008-10

  11. I think Arsenal having white change kits is a bit different though, Denis, as Arsenal’s second colour is white.

  12. With Spurs and Arsenal, thats another bad example, as Arsenals change kit for years was white with red trim, and Arsenal have worn black shorts with a white shirt. They did wear navy shorts and white shirts for their first change kit, but that was before the rivalry with Spurs started. That arguement is like the arguement withe Man City and Man United.


    A better example would be blue on a River Plate change shirt, or Green on a Lyon shirt.

    When Everton were sponsored by One 2 One, they got rid of the red in their logo.

    On the colours, light blue, medium blue and navy are considered the same colour, but different shades in England. In other countries, light blue and medium blue are considered different colours entirely.

    I do remember Sheffield Wednesday, when they had kits supplied by Lotto, were about to release a white kit with blue and yellow trim. It was changed to white with blue and navy trim over objections by fans who thought it was too close to a Leeds shirt.

  13. Talking of Leeds shirts, in the 70’s we often used to wear white shirt and shorts with red socks yet if red was to appear in a Leeds kit these days i’m quite sure that civil war would ensue.

  14. My dad was present at Goodison Park in 68-69 when his beloved Manchester City ran out in unfamiliar red and black striped shirts, to a chorus of ‘we don’t like the red, we don’t like the red…etc’ from the travelling Blues! Well, by a season and a half later City had won 3 trophies in the strip – and as a younger Blue it’s what I associate with most as an away strip – although maroon is a close second!

  15. I’m probably about the only person in this country that actually likes that goalie shirt…though it’d look better in blue, rather than turquoise…reminds me of the 88-90 England goalie shirts…aaah nostalgia 🙂

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