BBC Radio Merseyside Interview Thurs 14 July

I’m being interviewed again on BBC Radio Merseyside tomorrow (Thursday) morning at about 9.15am. The feature is all about the Liverpool and Everton kits that are on sale tomorrow and they’ll be running a phone-in asking the question “should grown men wear replica shirts”?

Tune in if you can…

4 Replies to “BBC Radio Merseyside Interview Thurs 14 July

  1. There is a middle aged chap who wanders around Glasgow City Centre wearing the FULL Glasgow Rangers kit. I swear to god I have never witnessed him wear any clothes other than the latest replica gear. Now that is not right!

    I personally only wear tops on match day, even then they are usually retro style shirts with no sponsor. I’m lucky in as much that I’ve not changed in weight since I was 16-17. I’m still the same skinny 28 inch waist teenager that stood and watched my team on the terraces of Fir Park in the 70s. I’m now 48 and still feel pride when I pull on my Motherwell shirt before a match.

  2. I think it’s fine for grown men to wear replica shirts.

    I do cringe though, when I see anybody over the age of, say 14, wearing a replica shirt with numbering, lettering and/or league patches.

    By the way, hope the radio interview goes well, John! 🙂

  3. For going to a match or playing sport, fine…for walking round the local shopping centre or perusing the tool section of B&Q (other DIY retail outlets are available) it just feels wrong. I used to wear them all the time, but once I hit my late 20s it just didn’t feel ok anymore. Maybe it’s a touch of snobbery, but even now as I wander through Tesco in a Zenit St Petersberg top I do tend to feel overly self conscious…though I am usually covered in sweat too and it’s not a pretty sight 😉

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