Tottenham Hotspur Home Kit 1991–93: True Colours Hall of Fame


spurs-h-91-93Just like when Kennedy was shot, or Diana died, anyone with a remote interest in football kits will remember where they were when they saw Spurs walk out on to the Wembley turf in the 1991 FA Cup final wearing shorts of a length not seen since…ooh…before you were born.

Its hard to imagine now the uproar the Umbro shorts caused with fans and players alike more accustomed to the skimpier and snugger pairs that had grown increasingly skimpier and snugger since the 1960s. However the laughter soon stopped and within just a couple of years every team was decked out in more amply sized shorts and in fact have worn them ever since. It was a truly trendsetting move from Umbro.

There was more to the kit than just big shorts though. The previous decade’s penchant for slick modernist V-necks was discarded and instead a proper old-fashioned button up collar was introduced to the baggy shirt. It wasn’t all retro influence though as the fabric of the jersey featured a state of the art trademark “3D” geometric Umbro shadow print. The socks switched from white to navy. Top this off with curved trim on the cuffs (adorned with the ‘Spurs’ motif’) and you have yourself a timeless kit.

Worn by: Paul Allen, Gary Mabbutt, Paul Gascoigne

Worn in: The dramatic 2-1 win over Nottingham Forest in the 1991 FA Cup Final during which the kit was given an early preview. The final, of course, was overshadowed by Gazza’s reckless tackle that damaged his cruciate ligaments and marred his last game for Spurs.

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12 Replies to “Tottenham Hotspur Home Kit 1991–93: True Colours Hall of Fame

  1. Wasnt keen on the collar or the shadow print,nice to see spurs go back to the navy socks though,poor old gazza.

  2. I can remember making my holy communion the same day spurs wore this against forest. ah the good old days!!!

  3. Its a classic kit. Maybe wearing it in the final gave it the big stage it needed to be noticed? The long shorts appeared in a high profile match. This kit is good evidence of the 80’s becoming 90’s in football kit fashion. The kit just screams “Tottenham” and is recognised by fans of all clubs. The yellow Spurs kit of 95/7 is similarly memorable.

  4. To be honest Phillip I preferred the 91-95 yellow change kit, with the “ice effect” on the shoulder. How many kits in that era lasted 4 seasons?

    As for the kit above I clearly remember where I was, Block 23 Row 12 at Wembley, lousy view but magnificent day!

  5. For some reason I have always associated Tottenham with Le Coq Sportif. I’m not sure why, as they only wore the brand for a short while at the start of the 1980s. So if I had to choose an iconic Spurs kit it would have to be their first mainly white V neck Le Coq top, teamed with dark blue shorts and white socks. If I remember correctly the Le Coq logo was positioned on both sleeves. This corporate design feature was probably quite unique for the time.

    On a side note…Is this the fist time that a club crest has contained the same bird as the manufacturers logo? Although the graphic shape of both cockerels are different, I can’t think of another club badge that has contained a similar graphic element to the kit manufactures logo.

  6. Amazing shirt. I remember many teams having to endure very skimpy shorts in the 80s while Spurs introduced this brave but cool new venture for the 90s. They were ridiculed but soon enough everyone had followed. Seeing any part of the knee was SO yesterday! I had this as a kid, out grew it and then found an adult version in a charity shop years later!! An old friend of mine had the yellow away version and gave it to me. Happy days.

  7. I originally had this top in the mid 90’s but having grown I didn’t keep it. I bought it again for that retro appeal through ebay about 3 years ago and have just recently picked up the shorts for £7.50, again through ebay. I’m awaiting their delivery like a 5 yr old waiting for christmas.

  8. I was at the 91 Cup Final. Didn’t like this kit at first as I was disappointed we we weren’t staying with Hummel. Chris Eubank wore a replica of the 91 Spurs shorts to gain support from Spurs fans in his fight with Arsenal fan Michael Watson later that year

  9. I remember buying the full kit but did not enjoy wearing the shirt at all – the material was not comfortable at all. Loved the long shorts though! Like Paul M above, I was also disappointed not to have a Hummel kit anymore.

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